Technology or Activity


Word Order

English Raven
When, who, what, where with pictures, click on the speaker to hear the sentence.

Scrambled Sentences

Spelling City
You can pick the category, like social studies, then the student arranges given words to make a sentence.

Scrambled sentences
Game: unscramble words into a sentence.

More scrambled sentences
Put the words in order to make a sentence.


English for everyone
Parts of speech, sentence construction, and lots more.

Fill in the Blanks
Emphasis on different groups of words ex. do/don't, is/are/am

Put sentences in order
Starts with 5 sentences to put in order.

Specific language skills
Search a topic or choose a grade level, language arts, then the skill. Ex. using adj. to compare (gr. 3 - 4).

Function Words

flesl vocabulary
These are the words that aren't concrete in a sentence, such as "his", "and", "be", "must"

Parts of Speech

Basic types of adjectives. Order of adjectives

Use parts of speech and come up with a funny story.

PBS stories
Animal -> "Pig in Her House" for prepositions (Early elementary)