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Attention &

Click on the sound effect and listen to a siren, kitchen sink, knocking, stapler, etc.


Vowels in Words That Sound Like
Vowel Phonesthemes Only

High pitched sounds: peep, squeak, tweet
Indistinct low pitch sounds: hum, bump, bubble, grunt

Animal Sounds
Two animals pictured, one sound given, choose the animal.

Why Pronouncing English is Hard
Examples of why English is difficult
Through -> enough


App: Sound Match
A memory game for the ears.

App: Speech Therapy to Go
A pocket guide to pronouncing common English consonants. Touch the letters for pronunciation.

Discriminate between intonation contours in sentences.

Differentiate between content and function words by stress pattern.

Identify sounds
Scroll down to "Sound" Listen to a sound and match with item making it.

Sort musical instruments
Scroll down to "Sound" Listen & sort into 4 categories

Brain Teasers
Acorn Drop and Frog Jump for discriminating non-speech sounds.
Minimal pairs (see below for more complete list & lessons)
tin/ten, ship/sheep
Lessons with many more minimal pairs
Listen to sung/song then listen to one and choose the word you heard.

Speech Sounds

Exposes children to speech sounds in the English language

Brain Teasers
Sound Dominoes and Memory, feature discriminating speech sounds
Vowel sounds and consonant sounds demonstrated


HopeWords Listening Tools
Click on "Speech Sounds Vowels" for lots of information and activities to help teach the sounds.

Consonants or medial vowel sounds
Student is given a word visually (with a blank for the vowel) and auditorily. They can select from a choice of 3 vowels.
Short selections you can read to your student/s using target vowel sounds.

Phonics worksheets according to vowel patterns

Another site with phonics worksheets according to vowel patterns.


Consonant digraph pictures.docx
Whistling Whit, Charlie's choo choo
Click on "Speech Sounds" then the particular sound for lots of information and activities to help teach the sounds.
Frog's Rhyming Machine

Pick the right door
Match the target sound.

Phonics worksheets, color coded, with silent consonants and other consonant patterns


Discriminate words
Discriminate between two words or phrases. Go to the lessons listed at the left.
A brown coat/a green coat

Pictured items named
Choose a topic, roll over the circle to hear the name of the item pictured. See example to the right.
The Body roll over the part to hear the name.

Passages & Stories

Decodeable sentences and passages using specific phonemes.

Hubbards Cupboard
Printable booklets using words in a particular word family.
Ex. "-it" - "I Can Knit"

Skills Breakdown

Research Building Blocks
Charts of letter knowledge, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics instruction and more. Click for breakdown. Games in each area.

Early Learning Skills

6 websites for early listening.
Includes phonological skills, says for preschool but can be used by older students too. Click on the title of the game square not on the picture of the game.
Utah Education Network's "What's in the Bag" given a description, guess what is in the bag.


phonicsinternational cont.
Chart of letters and the sounds for the letters
Chart of sounds and all the spellings for the sound

Passages using decodable letter combinations.
-ar- "When it is dark, park the car in the barn."

abc fast phonics
Sounds and letters, rules, blends, words, etc. with sound.
ex. long & short vowels

Common Pronunciation Errors in English
Difficult letters or letter combinations and how they are pronounced in English. Long list for the letter O.
x at the beginning of a word is pronounced as /z/, not as /ks/...