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Strategies for Developing Vocabulary

Partial Vocabulary Workshop.pptx (abridged) Vocabulary Workshop by WCPSS Hearing Impaired teacher
This includes research and methods to teach what the research has shown to work.
Complete Vocabulary Workshop This was created for educational purposes only, many ideas came from others. Let us know if you are the original creator of any part and we'll give you the credit.

Judy Montgomery, PhD CCC-SLP Vocabulary Workshop by California Speech & Language Pathologist
Vocabulary Blog Blogs about teaching vocabulary, links (at the bottom) to other sites
PebbleGo Use with worksheet to work on classification, attributes, functions, and definitions. You need a log in (many WCPSS schools have one.)

Organizer to use for classification, attributes, functions, definitions.

Vocabulary Development Suggestions for Student Presentations

Wordia Upload a video of student giving the meaning for a word to demonstrate they know vocabulary, they've changed the site, search "student videos". Sorry this does not seem to be working at this time, I'm leaving the link, in case it is temporary.

Ignite Wikis
Good idea of how to set up a vocabulary wiki
Using technology to teach vocabulary
WCPSS students enter their vocabulary, use "Secretkid" "WCPSS123" to enter

Dictionaries and Resources

Kid's dictionary and thesaurus among other things
Choose topic: pictures, labeled, labeled words defined
Word origins use through time & language
Dictionary and word of the day
Word relationships shown visually, parts of speech
Word relationships shown visually, parts of speech (another site than that above)
Picture dictionary for young children, by topics or letter
Words in categories with pictures and (auditory) pronunciation
Click on a letter for listed words, videos define them
Bilingual Glossaries
Click on the particular language in the content area, you get a bilingual dictionary of terms
Good for Science and other vocabulary, you can find demonstrations for example
Root word lessons, word lists, SAT prep
A glossary of ICT terms, try "microphone", you can add information

A list of idioms
DARE Language Project
Dictionary of American Regional English


Science has interactive games for example “friction"

Internet 4
Word of the Day, Analogy of the Day, Daily Buzzword, Idiom of the Day, and much more.
Vocabulary games
Multiple choice to develop vocabulary
Can download to convert text to speech
Vocabulary flash cards & games. Some content area already have some or you can develop your own
Enter vocabulary, learn to spell, play games, test, and more
Make vocabulary bingo cards
Easy Test
Make vocabulary tests - multiple choice, matching, etc
Lessons on affixes
Answer questions, predicts vocabulary you don’t know and teaches it

Internet 4
Daily SAT/ACT vocabulary prep (have to sign up), good for high school students to do at home.
Affixes & root word lessons, also SAT prep