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Listen to text

Animated figures read text (keyed or pasted in). Students hear misspellings, lack of punctuation, fluency, etc.
Choose a topic. The teacher starts writing the first sentence. Students add to the previous sentence until all students have written. Students listen to the story then each student edits and changes what is written to produce a better story. Students evaluated each other’s results.
Enter in words for categories or parts of speech etc. and end up with a wacky tale.
The Box The doorbell rang. Tony and Mary raced to the door. There on the doorstep was an enormous, strange box. What could be inside? They quickly sprinted the box into the kitchen. Mary slowly put her arm close to the box. She thought she heard a voice whisper, “oh no!”
“Hurry. Open the box!” screamed Tony. To their amazement, The Hulk leaped out of the box and started singing “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” There was nothing else to do but sing along.
Writing aids

When writing, start with a green (puzzle piece) word, use yellow (puzzle piece) words, end with a red (puzzle piece) word.
In the beginning............, Next.......... After that.......... Furthermore........... Finally........ That's why.........

Reading with Expression.docx
Use for the student to hear why punctuation is needed

Basic writing skills bbc
From the basics of a sentence to paragraph writing
Word Grammar, Sentence Grammar, Adding Words to Make a Sentence, Building up Paragraphs, Descriptive Paragraphs.

Masterpiece sentences
Change simple noun and verb sentence into something amazing.
"The bird flew." becomes "At sunset, with wings outstretched, a thousand giant white seagulls that emerged from the clouds soared above the thundering tide."

Narrative Organizer
To organize a plot to help write a story.
Ex. The boy, wanted a new bike, he didn't have any money, he got the idea to sell his old toys, he got the money to buy the bike and did.

Go to Talk-it-out "My Story" and "Student Work", where students type in their story, then it's animated.